Receptor Logic Develops Improved Diagnostic Antibodies

Antibody based diagnostics and therapeutics represent a major medical advance as they respectively identify diseases with high specificity and preclude systemic side effects by recognizing diseased tissue only, yet an important drawback that current technology suffers from is the inability to detect intracellular markers that represent a high majority of disease identifiers. To address this concern, Receptor Logic has developed a breakthrough technological platform to actualize antibodies that detect soluble and tissue-present disease markers, as well as previously undetectable intracellular disease markers, thereby enabling significantly improved diagnostic sensitivity and therapeutic treatment. Receptor Logic is a biopharmaceutical company that has actualized a novel technological platform to develop improved diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. This presents a major breakthrough in antibody utility due to the fact that most disease specific biomarkers are intracellular in nature. The company has developed its technology to diagnose and treat cancer, and is expanding its technology for the treatment of infectious diseases.

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