PlexPress Develops Large Scale Genetic Analysis

The streamlining of advanced molecular diagnostics, particularly in genetics, is essential for expanding the use of the most cutting-edge technology throughout the healthcare industry. PlexPress s a biopharmaceutical company that has developed a straightforward technology that allows high thorough-put, large scale genetic analysis that not only detects gene expression, but also details the level of expression seen in disease states, as opposed to normal health conditions.  The company’s technological platform functions by isolating genetic material from cells and exposing them to fluorescent probes that bind the gene-targets of interest. Next, the identifying fluorescent signals are detected and quantified using an imaging system, enabling not only the detection of an expressed gene, but also the level of gene expression as compared to control samples. With the company’s product from 2-150 genes can be analyzed in as many as 10,000 patient samples. The system can be used to identify bacterial genes, as well as genes expressed in diseases such as cancer and metabolic diseases, therefore serving as a multipurpose diagnostic system. The company has recently received $2.75 million in seed funding.

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