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OneMedForum NY 2011 Grows Its Advisory Board And Selects Initial Presenters

OneMedForum NY 2011, to be held June 23 -24, has added new members to the Advisory Board and selected an initial group of “discovery” lesser known companies with terrific growth potential. The conference will focus on connecting promising companies from the US and Europe with leading US and European investors. In addition, delegates will gain insights in the critical areas of regulatory approval, reimbursement, as well as building distribution and sales organizations in both Europe and the United States.

“We are fortunate to continue to attract some of the most talented investors in health care to help us make this conference a success,” said Brett Johnson, Founder of OneMedPlace and conference co-chair.They bring great insights into helping us identify the most promising companies.”

Klaas de Boer, of the Entrepreneurs Fund added:  “There are plenty of good events in Europe for European companies, but I really like the idea of bridging the gap between the US and Europe from a regulatory and reimbursement perspective.”

Additions to the current Advisory Board of the 2011 OneMedForum include: Marco Elser, Rome, CEO & Partner of Capital Markets at AdviCorp. AdviCorp has been involved in numerous healthcare company financings in the US and Europe. He is also President of the Harvard Club of Italy. Cecilia Gonzalo, New York, is Managing Director of Warburg Pincus LLC, one of the world’s leading venture groups. Klaas de Boer, London, is Managing Partner of Entrepreneurs Fund Management, LLP.  J. Misha Petkevich, Boston, is Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner at Bladerock Capital. His fund concentrates investments in microcap companies. Jon Garfield, Los Angeles, chaired the advisory board for the 2011 SF Forum. Jon is a former public medical devices company CEO. Hany Awadalla, New York, is Managing Director of HSA Advisors and has a long history in banking in healthcare and life science companies. Pietro Strada, London, is Managing Director of Centerboard Partners.

The idea of an annual Forum where the best ideas and innovations and most promising lesser known companies can present to an audience of investors has been well received. New York is the natural venue for such an event, as it remains the capital of global finance and thus can attract investors and companies from around the world.

“Conferences that can connect European and American emerging companies and investors create a strategic advantage in an increasingly global market,” said Marco Elser.

Pietra Strada, of Centerboard Partners added, “Internationalization is invariably a key challenge for European growth companies. Gaining exposure to knowledgeable US and global life science investors and strategic partners at a conference such as this is of tremendous value for these companies.”

The roster of presenting companies includes a variety of interesting companies.  Insituvue is developing a hand-held ultrasound tool that displays a see-through image at the patient’s skin surface. ADS Biotechnology is developing small volume resuscitation fluid for volume expansion in patients with ARDS and CLS. NeoStem does research with adult stem cells in the US and China and develops pharmaceuticals in China. InTUUN Systems provides cloud based virtual physician network integration solutions.  Cervilenz is developing a simple diagnostic for short cervix and preterm birth risk. CeQur is developing and commercializing advanced insulin delivery systems to treat diabetes. Saluda Medical is introducing implantable neuro-modulation systems to address chronic neuropathic pain.  Prochon Biotech is developing effective solutions for tissue regeneration. WaferGen Biosystems provides a high speed and low cost gene expression and genotyping technology. ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals is improving the performance of existing anti-cancer drugs by addressing limitations with their safety and use. Compumedics is focusing on technologies in sleep medicine and neurology.  Wound Management Technologies, Inc, is developing advanced biotech medical devices (activated collagen)  for diabetes and wound care.  Healthlink Europe is a medical device distribution company.  Thermogenesis develops innovative technologies that address stem cell processing and Cryopreservation.  MEDomics provides personalized medicine based on genome analysis. Del Mar Pharmaceuticals is developing proven cancer therapies in high-impact orphan indications. SEA Medical is developing a pioneering technology for the safe preparation and delivery of IV medications. QR Pharma is involved in novel drugs to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.  Accord Biosciences develops materials for use in biomarker assays and diagnostics. Biovista is developing technology to discover and repurpose drugs for unmet needs.

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