VisEn Medical Develops New Light Based Diagnostics

Technology that enables the fast and sensitive detection of biological and disease specific markers in live tissue is a major need in the diagnostic field. VisEn Medical has developed a breakthrough proprietary platform that utilizes very specific fluorescent light based technology to enable non-invasive, real time visualization and quantification of normal and disease specific markers both at the time of diagnosing and during ongoing medical treatment. The company’s technology utilizes near infrared wavelength light that does not significantly react with normal tissue, in conjunction with proprietary FMT fluorescent imaging technology and fluorescent tags, to label and image biological markers of interest. Due to the high specificity of the fluorescent signal produced by the company’s system, the company’s technology is also able to detect changes in the levels of disease markers in response to therapeutic treatments. The company’s technology is highly adaptable, and the company has developed its use for monitoring of cancer progression, bone degradation, metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease.

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