Health in the Palm of Your Hand: How Your Phone Can Help Keep You Healthy

As the new year begins, many Americans are setting their sights on a healthier 2020. Some individuals are getting started with week-long meal plans chalked full of vegetables, while others are making a commitment to a fresh gym routine. Many skeptic bystanders like to point out that these good intention resolutions fail before the first month comes to an end. Getting started is often the most difficult part but keeping up the momentum and drive can be challenging as well. Luckily, getting healthy has never been easier than it is in this day and age. Most Americans have a personal trainer and support team in their pocket 24/7. Getting the motivation to live a healthier life is as simple as downloading a couple apps on a phone or tablet. For those dedicated to getting healthy this year, consider a quick and free download of the following apps to keep on track.

My Fitness Pal

Perhaps one of the most well-known fitness apps available, My Fitness Pal allows users to track their food intake at a higher level. Treated like a food diary, this app shows in depth nutrition information for each meal. The diary includes millions of different brands and meals, including meals ordered at specific restaurants. Recoding the information is quick and easy, and the app provides a detailed breakdown for each item to help users keep to their goals.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is a huge component of health. Like food, it fuels for the day ahead and allows the body the chance to recover from the day passed. Sleep Cycle helps users get the best sleep possible. Not only does this app track one’s quality of sleep, but it includes a smart alarm that wakes the user during the lightest sleep cycle. This unique aspect ensures that users wake up feeling energized and well-rested rather than groggy and desperate for more sleep. The app also includes detailed statistics about users’ sleeping patterns, providing the best opportunities to get quality sleep.


When aiming to be a healthier person in the new year, many people forget about the importance of a healthy mind. The majority of Americans feel stressed at some point each day. Though feeling stressed has become an accepted norm, the health impacts can be detrimental. Happify helps users combat stress using a huge body of mental health research. Users are taught to overcome stress and negative thoughts while improving their emotional health and resilience.

Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

Keeping one’s brain active is just as important as keeping one’s body active. Luminosity offers daily brain training exercises that are not only fun, but may also reduce one’s risk of dementia. Brain games that stimulate thinking and problem solving can help sharpen skills that often wane with age. These skills include processing speed, reaction time, short-term memory, and planning skills.


Aaptiv is a personal trainer in the pocket. With 30 new classes each week and thousands of classes overall, this app keeps users moving with a variety of exercises. Users can expect a wide range of activities, from at home strength training to yoga. Each day, users can select a category of workout that can be completed from the comfort of their home. The app also allows users to view how many calories they burn with each completed workout. Aaptiv is a great tool to keep workouts new and exciting to avoid burnout.

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