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Vitanova Biomedical Utilizes Photodynamic Therapy to Kill Aggressive Cancer Cells

Light-Activated Intracellular Acidosis Therapy May Cause Cancer Cells to Undergo Rapid Apoptosis
Vitanova Biomedical Inc., a San Antonio-based early-stage biotechnology company, is currently conducting pre-clinical trials on a proprietary Light-Activated Intracellular Acidosis therapy that potentially kills multiple types of aggressive cancer cells.  Vitanova Biomedical is working with clinical research organization partner Cancer Insight, also based in San Antonio, to conduct its Phase I through Phase III clinical trials.
Light-Activated Intracellular Acidosis, Vitanova Biomedical’s proprietary technology platform, utilizes photodynamic therapy as a therapeutic treatment.  A photosensitizing agent, o-nitrobenzaldehyde (o-NBA), is injected into cancer cells and exposed to a specific wavelength of light to produce a chemical reaction.  As a result of this reaction, cancer cells rapidly become very acidic and undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death).
Vitanova Biomedical was founded in 2015 and is based at the University of Texas, San Antonio.  The company is currently raising $3.5M in seed-stage funding, of which $1.5M will be used to complete product formulation and conduct animal studies to prove efficacy.  The remaining $2M will be used to complete the FDA’s Investigational New Drug application. Vitanova is raising the first $1.5M in the form of convertible debt notes, to be converted into equity at the time of Series A funding.   
In upcoming news, Vitanova Biomedical is presenting at the NYC Oncology Investor Conference, occurring on May 8-9 at the office of Wilson Sonsini in New York City.  Learn more and register to attend the conference at

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