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Geneius Developing Innovative T-Cell Therapy that Targets Viral and Neoantigens

Targeted DiversiTy™ Therapy Promotes Surveillance and Destruction of Cancer Cells By Re-Educating Patients’ Own T Cells
Geneius is an immuno-oncology company based in Natick, MA, that is focused on T-cell immunotherapies for cancer and infections.  Geneius has developed an innovative autologous, adoptive T-cell therapy technology (Targeted DiversiTy™) that promotes surveillance and destruction of cancer cells by the immune system.  Geneius’ Targeted DiversiTy™ therapy re-educates patients’ own T cells to be responsive to multiple previously muted tumor antigens, resulting in a stronger and more durable immune response that is less susceptible to immune evasion. Targeted DiversiTy™ is an alternative approach to CAR T-cell therapy, with a particular focus on treating solid tumors by targeting viral and neoantigens (tumor-specific antigens that arise from mutations).  Geneius is currently developing T-cell therapies for both hematologic and solid cancers.
Working collaboratively with the University Hospitals at Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic, in addition to Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Geneius has completed proof-of-concept clinical studies on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, gastric cancer, and glioblastoma.  The studies have demonstrated highly durable response rates without significant toxicities in both hematologic and solid tumor cancers. Geneius has developed highly efficient and scalable manufacturing technology, enabling rapid optimization and expansion of subsets of T cells from a unit of patient blood, and allowing patient therapy to begin within four weeks of blood collection.
Geneius has raised more than $13M since its founding in 1998, of which $10M has been issued as common stock equity and $3M has been issued as convertible debt notes.  The company requires total additional funding of $30-50M to finance the company through early 2019.
In upcoming news, Geneius is presenting at the NYC Oncology Investor Conference, occurring on May 8-9 at the office of Wilson Sonsini in New York City.  Learn more and register to attend the conference at

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