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Valisure’s Cutting-Edge Lab Testing Technology

valisure1Valisure is a start-up company founded in 2015 in New Haven, CT by a group of Yale and Harvard alumni with proven biotech industry success (recent exit: Ion Torrent $725M). Valisure’s disruptive technology in the pharmaceutical analysis space has broad application but the team has focused on the rapidly growing direct-to-consumer lab testing market which has seen a dramatic inflection point in the last few years ($17M market in 2011, $131M in 2015) and has been bolstered by the recent entry of major companies like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.

Unlike the other 20+ companies that have quickly populated the direct-to-consumer lab testing space, Valisure’s technology enables a proprietary set of tests that open up a new sector in this market: personalized medication analysis.  Individuals can send pills to Valisure from anywhere in the world and within 24 hours of receipt, obtain clinical-grade analytical results on the authenticity and exact dosage of their medication or that of their children or parents. 

Our extensive market research conducted with our marketing partners and Google Consumer Analytics has shown us that even with the increasing mass media attention to the global problem of counterfeit medication, Americans are 4-5X more concerned about dosage variability than receiving fake meds. Though traditionally dosage has been technologically much more difficult to address.  Also, of the 52% of Americans who take prescription meds daily, 49% report feeling differences in their medication’s efficacy and 47% of them actively want a service to analyze their meds – though none currently exists.

Valisure’s technology is already working to the level of commercial viability and are just starting to raise a Series A which will enable the company to fully commercialize its services by mid-2017. Valisure offers immense growth potential and the ability to make a significant impact in improving global public health.

For more information, visit the company’s website.

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