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CivaTech’s Radiation Therapy Reduces Side Effects

civatechCivaTech Oncology, Inc. (“CivaTech” or the “Company”) has developed a major technological advance in the radiation treatment of cancerous tumors. CivaTech products significantly reduce the side effects experienced from traditional implantable radiation sources or external beam methods while providing meaningfully higher doses of radiation not previously possible without irreversible damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The ability to protect healthy tissue is a disruptive technology and for many indications, will become the standard of care. Both products are the first polymer encapsulation of radiation without the use of stainless steel or other metals. The company has four patents issued with two FDA 510K cleared products. They are also facility ISO 13485 certified.

CivaTech’s patented technology allows radioactive material to be deposited in a uniform pattern on polymer substrates in amounts that are 1,000 times smaller than that of a standard brachytherapy seeds. The platform technology has the capability to provide “hotter” radiation doses directly to the tumor or tumor bed while greatly limiting the damage to healthy tissues.  As a result, the company is able to provide targeted radiation therapy that improves delivery of radiation, reduces side effects and saves lives by delivering products specifically designed and customized for the patient.

CivaSheet® is cleared by the FDA for broad indications for use in treating solid tumors and residual disease. A bio-absorbable, polymer encapsulated radiation device in a sheet is the first commercially available brachytherapy device that has integrated radiation shielding in the implantable device, making it safer and allowing broader applications where traditional delivery of radiation risks significant harm to healthy tissue. This product is focused on hard-to-reach or difficult to treat tumors, especially colorectal, pancreatic and non-small cell lung cancers, and it may be indicated for bladder, head & neck, esophageal, melanoma of the eye, and skin cancers.

CivaTech is seeking funds to provide working capital for these purchase orders, continue funding post-FDA clinical studies with multiple treatment providers to gather data and to provide resources for both sales and corporate infrastructure expansion.

For more information, visit the company’s website.



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