[OneMedForum] Immunocellular Therapeutics

Immunocellular Therapeutics, a biotechnology company specializing in immune-based cancer treatments, presented Wednesday at the OneMedForum in San Francisco. The Los Angeles-based company discussed its recent clinical trials, including results from a Phase I study of ICT-107 to treat a deadly form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. ICT-107 is a dendritic cell-based vaccine that uses the patient’s own cells to provoke an immune response. Dendritic cells are taken from the patient, cultured with tumor antigens to help the dendritic cells recognize tumors as a target for attack, then injected back into the patient. They then locate cancer cells and signal T-cells to destroy the invaders. ICT-107 was found to extend tumor-free survival and overall patient survival in the Phase I clinical trial.

Immunocellular is also developing peptide-based cancer stem cell vaccines. Its lead candidate in this area is ICT-121, an off-the-shelf vaccine that targets cancer stem cells. Immunocellular plans to begin a  Phase I trial evaluating ICT-121 for glioblastoma later this year. ICT-121 may be applicable to other types of cancer.

 Lastly, Immunocellular is working on monoclonal antibody therapeutics for cancer. The company’s DIADD ((Differential Immunization for Antigen and Antibody Discovery) technology accelerates the discovery of differences between cancer cells and healthy cells, allowing the company to develop antibodies that selectively target diseased cells. Immunocellular’s antibody candidates may be used to formulate therapeutics for diseases including multiple myeloma, small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer. Immunocellular is looking for licensees or partners to aid in the development of its antibody technology.

For more details and news about Immunocellular Therapeutics, please see Healthcare Conference Update: A New Strategy for IMUC at ProActive Newsroom.

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