Definiens Collaboration to Add Technological Muscle to Clarient’s Offerings in Personalized Medicine

In a move that could accelerate the growth of the Clarient’s biomarker business, the company announced Friday that, with Definiens, it will develop and commercialize tools to help evaluate quantitative biomarkers that predict cancer treatment response.

Definiens’ platform uses image analysis algorithms to analyze multi-dimensional image data, regardless of file type, complexity or size. The software can be used to automatically identify and quantify regions of interest within breast, prostate and colon cancer tissue samples.

processes large numbers of tissue samples for both clinical decision-making and drug development. These tissue samples are converted into high-resolution digital images that are managed and analyzed using Clarient’s web-based customer portal, PATHSiTE. Definiens will integrate its image analysis tools into PATHSiTe, allowing Clarient to assess several intracellular processes simultaneously, quantify key markers and increase operational throughput.

“Enhancing our ability to deliver advanced quantitative analysis to tissue based diagnostics and to push these images in real time over the internet will further differentiate Clarient and strengthen the competitive positioning of [the company’s] Insight Dx program,” said CEO Ron Andrews.

In the past several years, Clarient has increased its focus on targeted therapy assessment. The company’s services include: diagnosing solid tumors, cancer sub-typing, classifying patients into prognostic categories (i.e. low, medium and high risk groups), identifying which drugs or therapy paths are best for patients, monitoring patient on therapy, searching for residual disease during and post therapy, and detecting relapse or cancer transformation.

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