[AdvaMed 2008] Video Roundup

Our in-house dynamo, Claudia Pinzon and the rest of the the talented team at OneMedTV, have been busy compiling a wealth of valuable video content captured at AdvaMed2008.

Below, some of that footage. To watch the videos, click the thumbnail or visit

Veralight: David VanAvermaete from Veralight presents a new approach to non-invasive diabetes screening through earlier detection and complication reduction.

Microtransponder: T. Jordan Curnes from Microtransponder talks about a wireless neurostimulation device for chronic pain management.

BioControl: BioControl speaks about their latest innovations in the pathogen detection space.

Chemica Technologies: Chemica Technologies is a research-oriented, biotechnology-focused company.

Mesynthes: Brian Ward, Mesynthesis’ President and CEO, explains the company’s proprietary extracellular matrix scaffold technology.

PEAK Surgical: PEAK Surgical is developing tissue disection systems based on proprietary plasma technology with distinct advantages over currently used surgical instruments.

Arterial Remodeling Technologies: Arterial Remodeling Technologies (ART) is developing bioresorbable peripheral and coronary polymer stints that promote the natural remodeling.

ProDrivesystems Management Interviews: ProDrive Systems identifies the functional shortcomings of existing dental technologies.

Seno Medical Instruments: Seno Medical Instruments is a cancer focused company. It aims at the commercialisation of a new modality in cancer screening and diagnosis.

Nano Vibronix: Nano Vibronix recently introduced UroShield, designed to stop biofilm developing in urinary catheters.

ISTO Technologies: ISTO Technologies is an orthobiologics company, developing biologic products to regenerate and restore damaged cartilage and bone.

Allegro Diagnostics: Allegro is a molecular diagnostics company using bioinformatics to diagnose diseases of epithelial origin.

Noxilizer: Noxilizer is developing a gas sterilization system to enable the terminal sterilization of advanced drug-device combination products.

Ivivi Technologies: Ivivi Technologies uses electromagnetic technology to develop non-invasive electrotherapy devices.

AcryMed: AcryMed specializes in the development of wound care and infection control technologies using antimicrobial ionic silver.

Magforce: MagForce Nanotechnologies AG is focused on the development of a new cancer treatment using tumor specific magnetic nanoparticles.

Quidel Corporation: Quidel develops rapid, point of care diagnostics in several specialties.

Xylos: Xylos is a biotechnology company offering solutions for the treatment, repair and replacement of human tissue.

Ikonisys: Ikonisys offers fast and personalized diagnostics for early cancer diagnosis, genetic disorder screening and fertility testing.

Scientific Intake: Scientific Intake is developing and commercializing a noninvasive, clinically validated, bariatric medical device for treatment of obesity.

g-Nostics Ltd: Using a finger-prick, g-Nostics identifies each persons unique molecular profile and then use the information to predict individual response to drug therapy.

Orla Protein Technologies: Orla is integrating biological systems and physical devices through engineered protein interfaces.

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