How the New York Institute of Beauty is Redefining Care for Cancer Patients

Medical professionals and researchers are continuously finding incredible breakthroughs in cancer treatment. As treatment options continue to progress, Linda Giardinello founder of New York Institute of Beauty, has identified a major gap in the spa and salon industry. The New York Institute of Beauty has been training salon and spa professionals, or Cosmetologists and Estheticians, since 1998. The curriculum seemed to be all-inclusive, until a student began expressing specific interest in providing quality services specifically for oncology patients and cancer survivors. Without hesitation, Linda leapt at the opportunity to partner with Oncology Spa Solutions to ensure her students could feel confident treating any and all clients.

“Chemotherapy and radiation have a huge huge impact on our skin,” Linda explained. “Some clients have shared that their skin became so thin and burnt from radiation, they were able to see their breast implant.”

The impact of cancer treatment on the skin requires specific care and a lighter touch. People receiving chemotherapy often experience thinning and drying of the skin, resulting in severe itching, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rashes. In addition to learning about the common side effects of cancer treatment, students enrolled in the Oncology Spa Solutions curriculum are also trained on how to customize services to accommodate each client’s individual needs. The graduates gain an instinctual understanding of which questions to ask from the beginning in order to safely, compassionately, and confidently care for the clients.

“Clients often explain how they are never quite prepared to deal with their body image and how uncomfortable they felt in their skin while receiving treatment for cancer,” Linda shared. “It is important for Estheticians and other professionals to be able to better service clients while knowing which modifications need to be made in order to protect our clients, help them heal, and comfort them during their time of need.”

As each oncology patient will require unique beauty services based on their cancer treatment, it is important that the client and Esthetician have clear and open communication. Linda encourages perspective clients to ensure that they will be receiving treatment from oncology trained professionals. Appropriately trained Estheticians will discuss what types of modifications should be made based on what treatments the client has had, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Without an appropriately trained Esthetician, clients are at risk for lymphedema and at a higher risk for infection. Though finding an oncology trained Esthetician may have been difficult years ago, Linda expressed that the relationship between medical professionals and wellness services is making oncology beauty treatment more accessible than ever before.

“A wellness routine for the cancer patient healing process has become more accepted by the medical community,” Linda pointed out.  “We are seeing more and more hospitals and cancer centers adding wellness centers into their facilities.  It is the goal of New York Institute of Beauty to offer education to Spa and Salon professionals so they can become an accepted part of the healing services offered to cancer patients in all medical facilities.”

With more and more of her graduates being confident and capable to care for oncology patients, Linda hopes to develop more curriculums, relationships and partnerships within the medical industry. The partnership with Oncology Spa Solutions has proven extremely beneficial and has demonstrated the need for further customizable treatments based on medical circumstances. The New York Institute of Beauty aims to ensure that all clients are able to relax knowing they are in the hands of someone they can trust.

“Physicians treat the disease and Estheticians treat the person,” Linda shared. “We are dedicated to educating Estheticians and salon professionals to safely, compassionately and confidently care for their clients.”

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