Real-time, In vivo Imaging Platform to Guide Surgeon During Cancer Surgery

A real-time, in vivo imaging platform guides surgeons during cancer surgery. This breakthrough technology illuminates cancer cells and other diseased tissues at the molecular level, allowing surgeons to take action and better patient outcomes. Currently, there is a technological gap at the molecular level. Surgeries are being completed without being able to distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue. This technology solves the problem, so surgeons can complete their surgeries with the ability to differentiate between tissues and have better accuracy in removing all cancerous tissue.
Currently, the company is focused on breast cancer in their testings, but want to continue into ovarian, prostate, brain, esophageal, colorectal, lung, liver and pancreatic cancers, as well as, infections and perfusions around wound care. For more information about this company, please email Elena Pierce at

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