Gray Scale Images Convert to Detailed Color Images to Better Diagnose Breast Cancer

A company is changing the imaging industry with new software that far exceeds all current mammography technology. This breakthrough technology reveals the make up of the entire breast, including what dense tissue usually hides, allowing doctors to see a level of detail unparalleled to anything before.  This new approach to machine learning allows both the clinician and artificial intelligence engines to see what is really there and differentiate early stage cancer and other structural abnormalities potentially smaller than 1mm. This level of detail has the potential to provide clinicians significant and critical time advantage, thereby enabling better outcomes: fewer false positives and false negatives

They are now using gray scale images converted to detailed color images to better diagnose breast cancer. Using a standard X ray mammogram as an input the company provides an output with new clearer images and report within seconds. The technology transforms the mammogram, producing new images using a series of algorithms revealing characteristics and tissue types not easily seen in the original. The system integrates seamlessly with current radiological systems. For more information about this company, please email Elena Pierce at


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