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QuantumCyte Developing Innovative Tools and Workflows for Single Cell Analysis Cancer Research

Q1© Platform Takes Unique Approach to Isolation and Interrogation of Individual Cancer Cells

QuantumCyte is a Silicon Valley-based early-stage biotechnology company that is developing a unique drug assay system.  QuantumCyte’s single-cell analysis system, known as Q1©, can predict drug efficacy in a way that is rapid, non-invasive, and accurate.  Q1© is the first high-throughput single-cell analysis platform to correlate gene expression with phenotypic data.  The Q1© platform leverages QuantumCyte’s ArraySeQ© chemistry and a novel reagent exchange system to enable high-efficiency transcriptome capture, low running costs, and new applications in systems biology, drug discovery, and predictive medicine.

QuantumCyte’s high-density dome array with robust & proprietary ArraySeQ© chemistries can capture up to 20,000 single cells in one experiment, to provide the highest and widest breadth of mRNA capture (>65 percent).  QuantumCyte’s next-gen optics allow imaging and analysis of phenotypic markers on single cells prior to cell lysis.  QuantumCyte researchers can visually link phenotypic data to gene expression data for each single cell, resulting in reagent transfer that is simple, precise, and repetitive.  The Q1© solution enables automated dosing of captured single cells, to allow further study of drug response, disease progression, and cell-to-cell interaction.

Q1© has numerous potential applications, including: phenotype and transcriptome correlation; immunophenotyping; single-cell drug response for predictive medicine and compound screening; single-cell protein secretion; single-cell nuclear translocation; single-cell to cell interaction (cancer cells with T cells); spatial genealogy resolution; and biomarker discovery.

QuantumCyte raised seed-round funding in 2017 and is currently raising a follow-on round of convertible debt.  QuantumCyte is backed by the venture capital accelerator SOSV and the biotech start-up accelerator IndieBio.

In upcoming news, QuantumCyte is presenting at the NYC Oncology Investor Conference, occurring on May 8-9 at the office of Wilson Sonsini in New York City.  Learn more and register to attend the conference at

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