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Alpha Cancer Technologies Utilizes Recombinant Human Alpha-Fetoprotein to Selectively Target and Kill Cancer Cells

Therapy Targets AFP Receptors Found in Over 80 Percent of Cancer Cells

Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc. (ACT) is a Toronto-based clinical-stage biotechnology company that is developing drugs for oncology and auto-immune disease indications.  Alpha Cancer Technologies’ products include Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP), a human protein produced by the embryo during fetal development; an immunotherapy platform; and a targeted chemotherapy platform. The company offers non-covalently-bound chemotherapy (paclitaxel and thapsigargin) and chemically-linked chemotherapy, such as maytansine.  ACT uses recombinant human alpha-fetoprotein to selectively target cancer cells and deliver toxic chemotherapeutic agents exclusively to those cells.

Alpha Cancer Technologies owns exclusive worldwide rights to the targeted delivery platform Alpha-Fetoprotein, and has invested over $100 million to develop its in-licensed technology.  Clinical studies of AFP have established a robust Drug Master file with the FDA, encompassing manufacturing, toxicology, and human safety data.  Naturally occuring alpha-fetoprotein serves two critical functions during fetal development: it normalizes immune system responses so a mother’s immune cells do not attack the embryo, and gathers nutrients from the mother and delivers them to the embryo.

Alpha Cancer Technologies’ products are being developed as a treatment for multiple cancer indications, as almost all cancer cells (>80 percent) express AFP receptors, whereas healthy cells do not.  The company is entering Phase II clinical trials for Myasthenia Gravis, with an Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA, to be followed by Phase II clinical trials for Multiple Sclerosis.  Alpha Cancer Technologies’ Alpha-Fetoproteinhas been shown to be as safe as placebo in clinical trials involving over three hundred patients.

Founded in 2008, Alpha Cancer Technologies most recently secured angel financing in December 2017.  The company has previously raised over $15 million in equity funding and about $3 million in government grants.  Celgene, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, owns a 12 percent equity stake in ACT.

In upcoming news, Alpha Cancer Technologies is presenting at the NYC Oncology Investor Conference, occurring on May 8-9 at the office of Wilson Sonsini in New York City.  Learn more and register to attend the conference at

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