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Fusion Genomics Advances Molecular Diagnostics

Fusion Genomics is a company that is working to advance molecular diagnostics through developing tests for pathogens that cause disease. They do this using proprietary technologies in combination with Next Generation Sequencing. Based in Vancouver, their ONETestTM products, in combination with their FUSIONCloudTM data analysis platform, allow for rapid identification of the genetic signatures of human pathogens and cancers precisely and cost-effectively. Fusion Genomics’ ONETestTM technology is currently being tested at governmental organizations in Canada.

The goal of Fusion Genomics is to provide global and local professionals in the healthcare industry the tools they need to perform both population surveillance and personal diagnosis of pathogens to prevent unnecessary deaths and address the increasing problem of disease resistance. To do this, they are currently in the process of creating highly sensitive and massively multiplex DNA/RNA sequencing-based diagnostics that combine their proprietary QUANTUMProbesTM technology with Next Generation Sequencing. These, along with their FUSIONCloudTM data analysis platform, are used to bring results directly to a user’s desktop or mobile device.

The use of Fusion Genomics’ continuously rapid, highly sensitive and economic ONETestTM products will advance the field of molecular diagnostics to a level far beyond the molecular assays currently in use. Their ultimate mission is to create a world where humans are healthier because illnesses are identified rapidly and cured sooner through the use of assays using advanced sequencing technologies.

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