Ideas & Technologies

Life365’s Platform for Remote Health Monitoring

life365Life365 has developed a breakthrough Cloud-Based Connected Care Platform that combines remote health monitoring, in-home diagnostic testing and family care coordination. It’s goal is to shift the Point of Care from clinical settings to the home in a way that is both affordable and easy.

The technology is comprised of wearable sensors and wireless technologies with SaaS solutions and engagement analytics to connect patients with their healthcare professionals in a cost-effective manner. The company ensures that patient data is seamlessly and securely integrated into healthcare systems while remaining HIPAA compliant.

The need for this technology is demonstrated by the push to drive better patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Life365’s wearable technology seeks to reach the 20% of the U.S. population that consumes 80% of all healthcare costs.

As a next generation digital health solution provider, Life365 gives seniors with chronic conditions that ability to achieve a new level of independence, safety and care, while also providing peace of mind to families.

The company is currently seeking $2M for a Seed Round.