“Brooklyn Doc Billionaire” Will Unveil Potential Cure For AIDS

Taking its title from the Indian blockbuster film, “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Brooklyn Doc Billionaire” is the brainchild of Dr. Kumar Shah, President and CEO of Endocrine Technology based in Brooklyn, New York.  The film looks at the company’s novel treatment and potential cure for HIV, a cutting edge advance over their direct competitor Alexion.

Fundamentals of Immunology have largely concentrated on cells and its receptor functions. The recent advances in the fundamentals of immunology have emphasized the growing importance of fluid protease system. It is this system that primes and directs immune responses related to cells and its receptor functions. But this system can cause host inflammation and fail to generate immune responses against viruses and cancer cells.  Endocrine Technology’s advances pertain to balance modulation  to reduce host inflammation and tilt the survival and therapeutic advantage to the host in many life threatening diseases.

Due to the economical problems the healthcare industry now faces, competition in biotech is huge, and attaining patents is difficult. Millions of dollars are needed to develop any product.

Dr. Shah’s movie concept is a novel approach to raising capital for drug discovery.  It aims to develop marketing that will lead to partnerships, finances and return on investment quickly.

The problem: 34 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS and 1.8 million are dying every year. The solution: advance the technology with the potential to cure AIDS from genomics to bedside. The film will focus on current biotechnology “innovation-stagnation” , the current cost of drug development and its stages, and conflicts of interest based on human defense concepts.

Dr Shah will be presenting his technology at the New York Biotechnology Association meeting May 2-3, 2012.

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