Excelimmune Optimizes the Natural Power of the Immune System

Researchers discovered some time ago that enhancing the immune system with antibodies, proteins that fight off foreign invaders, similar to what it produces naturally can speed up the healing process. Excelimmune has taken this therapy to a new level with the development of human recombinant polyclonal antibody (HRPA) technology.

Human recombinant polyclonal antibodies are a novel class of therapeutics that can not only aid in the healing of infectious diseases, but also can be used to treat protein diseases and cancer. One of the features that makes this therapy more effective than what has come before is that it mimics the polyclonality of the body’s actual immune system response. When the immune system produces a response to a foreign substance, it creates a large quantity of antibodies from multiple B-cells and each one targets a specific structure on the surface of the foreign substance. This increases the chances that the antibodies will be able to eliminate the substance.

Currently, the majority of antibody drugs being used in immunotherapy are monoclonal, meaning they are identical clones of a single B-cell created by the immune system that attaches only to a specific structure on the surface of the foreign substance. This has hindered the development of antibody drugs that are effective, especially against viruses.

In May, the company announced that it finalized a $10.5 million Series B financing deal with a syndicate of high net worth individual investors. The money will help accomplish some very specific goals. It will allow Excelimmune to further develop the clinical application of Staphguard, a human recombinant polyclonal antibody therapy for the treatment of MRSA. This disease, which is commonly acquired through contact within the community, is resistant to most first-line antimicrobials on the market.

The funds will also be used to further develop its discovery platform and manufacturing systems.

Excelimmune will be presenting its products and technologies at OneMedForum SF 2012, on January 9 – 12.

-Maria Esposito

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