Editor’s Note September 6, 2011

OneMedSentinel continues coverage of some of the most promising companies and technologies, as well as innovative approaches to funding the growth economy. In this issue:

Rodman and Renshaw gears up for their 13th Annual Global Investment Conference. David Strupp discusses the firm and why it’s annual conference has become the world’s biggest and most anticipated next to JP Morgan’s.

Wound Management [WNDM] President, Deborah Jenkins Hutchinson discusses the company’s plan to become cash flow positive and profitable within the next year. The outlook is promising with their recent distribution agreement in place for CellerateRX.

Other interviews:  Verisante Technologies [VRS] CEO, Thomas Braun speaks on the company’s innovative method to detect skin cancer in seconds. They recently received ISO Medical Device certification, a necessary step to approval in Canada and the European Union.

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