Editor’s Note September 12, 2011

The weather is cooling, but the health industry is heatings things up. OneMedSentinel is pleased to bring you another round of stories and interviews with  some of the most promising companies and technologies, as well as innovative approaches to funding the growth economy. In this issue:

Tom Moore, CEO of Advaxis [ADXS] speaks confidently about his technology’s ability to ensure immunity from certain cancers.

Peter Winter, consultant to the biotechnology industry brings us financings and business developments in the global diagnostics business in his new column “This Week In Diagnostics“. Peter has over 30 years experience as a scientist, science journalist, and publisher.

AdavaMed 2011 is quickly approaching. OneMedSentinel brings you a follow up to our previous interview with Ken Mendez and highlights some of this year’s presenting healthcare companies.

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