Seno Medical Uses Laser-Based Technology For Early cancer Diagnosis

Seno Medical is a company focused on cancer using its new patented opto-acoustic technology.  This new imaging modality combines the use of light in and sound out to uniquely obtain the hallmark indicators of cancer (angiogenesis and oxygen saturation) within the lesion.  Seno’s first human (clinical) application will be used as an adjunct to mammogram screening in the early detection of breast cancer.  Seno’s technology will be able to detect the lesion earlier and determine whether it is malignant or benign.  Seno’s technology will also be able to provide a higher image contrast resolution. Opto-acoustic technology is the first new functional imaging technology developed in 30 years and will not require any sort of contrast agent to obtain the key cancer indicators of angiogenic vasculature and the level of oxygen saturation within a suspected lesion. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent causes of death in women today. The breast cancer diagnostic market is a multi-billion dollar global market.  Seno’s technology is a platform technology with a multitude of follow-on cancer applications including prostrate, ovarian and cervical cancers, along with other applications such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Successful treatment of cancer depends heavily on early detection of the cancer.

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