Exosome Diagnostics Develops Unique Genetic Based Diagnostics

Exosome Diagnostics is a specialized bio-pharmaceutical company that develops a unique kind of genetic-based diagnostic tests. The company’s technological platform isolates from the blood micro-vesicles produced by cells, and then analyze the genetic material in the vesicles, which is representative of the cells they were made from. Certain cells, such as cancer cells, contain a genetic signature and therefore isolation of vesicles containing this genetic material is indicative of the disease. In particular, cancer cells have been shown to produce a large amount of micro-vesicles (or exosomes) and therefore this technology can serve to identify hard to detect cancer cases.

The inability to detect trace amounts of disease markers in the body is a critical limitation for diagnosing illnesses. To this end, Exosome diagnostics has developed an innovative diagnostic platform that analyzes biological compartments, known as exosomes, which is highly sensitive at detecting disease markers and can identify difficult to diagnose conditions.

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