Oncology Panel Selected in OneMedForum SF 2011

cancerOver 500,000 people will die from cancer in the United States this year. There are many companies developing diagnostics for early detection and advanced therapies to address the various types of cancer. These advanced products include advanced cancer screening and imaging technologies, infusion of therapeutic materials directly into a tumor’s blood vessel, radiotherapy to treat solid tumors throughout the body more accurately and less invasively, as well as stem cell and antibody treatments to fight malignancies.

The Oncology panel at OneMedForum SF 2011 will discuss drug delivery, new products in development, their impact on patient care and the interest of medtech consolidators in these advanced therapies.

“While most investors think of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies when oncology is discussed, the reality is that innovations in oncology extend to a much broader range of technologies including medical device companies and even stem cell therapies,” said Stephen Dunn, President & Senior Managing Director of Research at LifeTech Capital and moderator on the panel.  “The oncology panelists cover the gamut from the diagnostic and screening equipment maker, Hologic, and robotic radiosurgery company, Accuray, to stem cell therapies which originated from the earliest use of bone marrow transplants for leukemia. The panel is rounded out by one of the most successful medical device investors who founded three publicly-traded companies. I believe investors, especially those adverse to the investment risks of drug development, will gain valuable insights from the panelists into the broader investment opportunities available in the oncology space. There will be no “magic bullet” to treat cancer but a combination of technologies, including screening, diagnostics, cellular therapies, as well as drugs, will be required to successfully overcome this varied and difficult disease.”

Panelists include: Euan S. Thomson Ph.D., CEO, Accuray. Euan has served as Accuray’s President and Chief Executive Officer since joining the company in 2002 and brings an array of industry experience to Accuray from previously held consultancy positions at hospitals and companies . Dr. Thomson is the author of numerous scientific papers and four issued patents.

Daniel Kraft, MD has over 20 years experience in both biomedical research and clinical practice. He is a member of faculty at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and works on the clinical faculty for pediatric bone marrow transplantation at University of California, San Francisco.

Norman Weldon’s background is in economics, technology and general management. He has been the CEO of three public companies: CTS Corporation (NYSE CTS), Cordis Corporation (NASDAQ CORD) and Corvita Corporation (NASDAQ CVTA) and the past president and current chairman of the board of The Innovation Factory (TIF), a medical device incubator company that employs a hands–on management approach to the creation of life sciences technology.

Tom Umbel, the Sr. Vice President of Business Development at Hologic has been an integral part of senior management’s transformation of Hologic from a single product (Bone Densitometry) company to a large and broad Women’s Health corporation.

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