Oncology, Pain Management

Infinity Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company that has developed a targeted drug development platform to actualize small molecule inhibitors against specific bioactive proteins that play critical roles in biological signaling pathways that lead to disease progression, specifically in cancer and neuropathic pain. For cancer, the company has developed small molecule inhibitors against the proteins HSP90 and those of the Hedgehog pathway, both of which have been shown to support the uncontrolled cell growth that is seen in cancer. For neuorpathich pain, the company has developed small molecule inhibitors against FAAH, a protein which in the body works to break down naturally occurring cannabinoid’s that produce an analgesic effect when individuals experience pain. By inhibiting FAAH the company’s product enables the amelioration of pain via prolonging of the body’s own chemical response to injury. Due to the company’s targeted focus on scientifically validated elements of a disease, the company’s products are promisingly less toxic, reducing side effects, and most importantly can address currently unmet needs such as treatment of drug resistant cancers. The company’s cancer drugs are currently in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials and are indicated for the treatment of solid tumor cancer, breast cancer, blood-related cancer and drug resistant cancers. The company’s drug indicated for neuropathic pain is projected to enter Phase I clinical trials in early 2010.

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