OneMedForum to Highlight the Newest, Most Promising Med Tech Innovations

OneMedPlace announced that it will showcase to investors and entrepreneurs the newest and most promising new medical technologies in the region. “For the first time we are bringing together the truly best unlicensed technologies from the leading regional Universities and Hospitals with the high quality investors and entrepreneurs,” said Peter Leonardi, Ph.D. , organizer of the technology transfer section for the OneMedForum New York 2010. Weill Cornell Medical Center

  • Vaccines for the Treatment of Addiction
  • Novel platform for the rapid production of fluorescent sensors,
  • Drugs that make tumor cells more sensitive to radiation therapy,
  • A new generation endoscope
  • Therapy to treat DNA damaged tissue caused by UV radiation and chemical carcinogens

New York University

  • Peptoid oligomers as anti-infectives
  • Tau Immunotherapy for Alzheimers,
  • An early intervention knee system,
  • A small molecule that inhibits tumor growth,
  • Rapidly acting antidepressant compounds.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering

  • Hsp90 inhibitors in neurodegenerative diseases,
  • A novel opportunity for treating refractory cancer using the CDC7 heterodimeric kinase,
  • Superlative saponin adjuvant design and synthesis.

Columbia New Technologies in Regenerative Cardiovascular Medicine

  • HAT Activators and Their Use in Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disease,
  • Quantitative analysis of leakage in the blood vessel of the retina PolyChromatic Angiography (PCA).

Other Institutions.

  • Peptide Inhibitor of HIV Entry into the cell,
  • High resolution gamma-ray imaging approaches,
  • Novel protein biologics to treat amyloid diseases,
  • Anti-cancer peptides that selectively kill cancer cells by a novel mechanism involving pore formation in the cancer cell membrane

The OneMedForum New York 2010 takes place June 29-30. For more information about the conference, please visit

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