Nanoscale Imaging and Sensing Technology, Drug Safety profile, Cancer Analysis

Imaging, Oncology, Drug Delivery. This company has developed an unprecedented technological platform to enable imaging at the smallest biological scale, the cell. The company’s technology utilizes combinatorial light and sound input to create accurate images of living cells and their inner structures, as well as to measure the electrical characteristics of the cell during intracellular structure interactions and activity. The company’s technology has wide ranging implications as cellular changes are a hallmark of disease, as is seen in the well characterized and consistently seen cellular changes present in cancerous tissue. Furthermore, the company’s technology consists of nanosensors that collect information on the cell’s biochemical activity and physical properties, which is ultimately used to develop a three-dimensional picture of the how cells react to various stimuli, including drugs thereby enabling an efficient and advanced drug safety profile. The company is currently developing its prototype, with commercialization targeted for 2011. Founded: 2008.

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