CBCE Launches Continuing Education App for iPhone

earbudsHealthcare providers on the go can now download their favorite tunes while learning about the latest advances in cancer care. The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education (CBCE), a full-service provider of continuing medical education (CME), has launched an oncology-focused CME application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new app allows for fully accredited CME content such as treatment updates, conference highlights, and tests. The updates are drawn from the CME content available on the company’s website. Users can choose from multimedia offerings including podcasts, slides, and texts. The new app, which is available for free at the iPhone App Store, is the first and only oncology-focused CME application on the market.

CNN Money reports that 663 medical apps were available in the iPhone App Store as of July 10. Considering the widespread popularity of iPhone apps (over 1 billion downloads in the past year), it is likely that new competitors will keep joining the field. Current CME offerings at the App Store cover everything from psychiatry to internal medicine. ReachMD, which provides medical information via XM Radio and online streaming, launched the first CME app back in November. The company recently announced a new app that offers peer-to-peer medical content on a variety of topics. In May, WebMD announced plans to launch a CME app for the iPhone. 

In addition to CBCE, the following companies work in the field of CME: Indegene, Medical Asset Management, Sawbones (a division of Pacific Research Laboratories), Informed Medical Communication, and the Aristotle Corporation.

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