Aureon Featured In TV Segment

Aureon Laboratories, a developer of predictive tests for cancer care, has been featured in a cable television segment produced by the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce.

This Week In Yonkers: Business Spotlight highlights Aureon’s efforts to develop a more accurate predictive test for prostate cancer. In the 15-minute segment, CEO Vijay Aggarwal discusses the principles behind Aureon’s Prostate Px+ system. The test uses advanced image analysis technology to assess the severity of the disease and predict its progression, allowing physicians to make more effective treatment decisions. Director of Laboratories Charles J. DiComo gives viewers a behind-the-scenes overview of Aureon’s testing process. Aureon’s system is intended to be a more accurate alternative to the common PSA test. Two recent studies cast doubt on the PSA test, finding that it saved few lives and caused large numbers of men to undergo unnecessary treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, about 192,280 men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009.

The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce is the city’s largest business association, acting to promote economic development and the creation of job opportunities within Yonkers. Aggarwal is pleased with Aureon’s location in the i.Park, a research park housing a collection of businesses and technological innovators. He says that the company’s location in Yonkers grants Aureon access to both financial and intellectual capital.

For more information about Aureon, view the company profile video on the OneMedPlace homepage.

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