[Video Interview] Richard Taney, President & CEO of Delcath Systems

One of the central problems in using chemotherapy to treat cancer is its harmful effect on organ health. Lower dosages of the drug are often used to limit side effects, which may diminish benefits of the therapy.

Delcath Systems has developed a drug delivery system that isolates the liver from the circulatory system. It allows chemotherapy agents to be administered to the liver and filters those agents from the blood before returning it to general circulation.

The company is currently focused on delivering chemotherapy agents via its Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (PHP) system in patients with inoperable liver metastases. This process allows patients with large and diffuse liver tumors to receive a concentrated, site-specific treatment where resection, ablation, and embolization are not feasible or have failed to halt the spread of the cancer.

This interview was captured in late-October at Medtech Insight’s In3 East.

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