Medtech Insight: In3 East

Meet the most important people in medical technology at In3 East, the largest East Coast strategic partnership and investment meeting for senior-level medical technology executives. Hundreds of venture capital companies and medical technology companies will gather to learn about the latest innovations and investment opportunities.

Beyond providing an opportunity for companies to gain exposure to the venture community, it is a convenient ‘watering hole’ for medtech executives to find and build new relationships to support their efforts. The companies that are selected to present at Medtech Insight’s conferences offer investors a meaningful opportunity to conduct effective due diligence during a well-orchestrated event. Some of this year’s presenting companies include:

  • CardioMag Imaging: Non-invasive devices to identify patients with coronary artery disease and other life threatening cardiovascular conditions.
  • Cerapedics: Developing osteobiologic products based on its proprietary small peptide technology for spine, trauma and orthopedic applications.
  • Cohera Medical: developing TissuGlu, a biodegradable surgical adhesive for seroma reduction in plastic surgery.
  • CVAC Systems: A new, noninvasive modality to treat diabetic neuropathy—a potential $12 billion annual U.S. market.
  • eCardio Diagnostics: a provider of comprehensive and advanced technologies, devices, services and solutions for the diagnosis, monitoring, and subsequent clinical management of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Inovio Biomedical: focused on developing electroporation-delivered DNA-based vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases.
  • Minnow Medical: New catheter treatment to restore blood flow to arteries by reducing plaque volume and increasing the artery diameter.
  • PEAK Surgical: The precision of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without the extensive collateral tissue damage.
  • Respirion: Stent technology to treat obstructive sleep apnea.
  • SonoMedix: Ultrasound based diagnostic biosensor that enables blood analysis at the molecular level for the multi-billion dollar patient self-test market.
  • Urovalve: The Surinate bladder management system incorporates a miniature, patient-controllable valve into a unique intraurethral catheter that is designed to be easily inserted, function for up to 30 days and be removed without surgery.
  • Victhom Human Bionics: The company’s Neurobionix business unit focuses on the development and commercialization of technologies and products involving implantable devices that features neurosensing and neurostimulation components, integrated with artificial intelligence.
  • Xylos: Unique biomaterials based on proprietary biocellulose technology for the treatment, repair and replacement of human tissue.

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  1. i’m a student doing Masters in biomedical engineering and my area of interest is bionics and diagnostic biosensors. I’ll be thanful if you can provide me with details of pr oduct you are into.

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