With MTX-100, BSD Medical Goes Head-to-Head with RF Ablation Technologies

BSD Medical, a developer of microwave systems used to treat cancer, has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its MicroThermX-100 Microwave Ablation System (MTX-100).

MTX-100 is indicated for use in the ablation of soft tissue. The device provides minimally invasive access to the target tissue and can be used in open surgical as well as in percutaneous ablation procedures. The delivery of microwave energy is controlled using a touch-screen monitor.

MTX-100 will compete head-on with RF ablation technologies that require patient grounding pads. The device can be used both by surgeons and interventional radiologists. According to the company, MTX-100 will be “a major part” of BSD’s business moving forward.

BSD’s move into the ablation space is a natural expansion of its thermal treatment systems. Hyperthermia and thermal ablation are complementary therapies for use in medical practice. Unlike other therapies in BSD’s portfolio which are used in combination with radiation (hyperthermia uses heat to increase the effectiveness of companion radiation therapy), MTX-100 was designed as a standalone therapy. The device will also add a recurring revenue stream through the sale of disposables.

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