More Good News from Aethlon, Hemopurifier Reverses Immune Suppression in Cancer Patients

Aethlon’s prospects seem to be growing brighter by the minute. Last week I reported that the company had initiated a research collaboration to study the in vitro effectiveness of clearing HIV from blood. This Monday, Aethlon announced that researchers have documented Hemopurifier’s ability to remove the immunosuppressive activity normally found in the fluid of cancer patients.

In studies led by Dr. Douglas Taylor at the University of Louisville, Hemopurifier captured tumor secreted exosomes that inhibit the immune system’s ability to combat cancer.

Exosomes are released by solid tumors, lymphomas, and leukemia. They induce T-cell apoptosis (programmed cell death), and block T-cell signaling, proliferation, and cytokine production. High concentrations of circulating exosomes correlate with reduced T-cell production and tumor progression in cancer patients. The ability to reduce the presence of circulating exosomes can reverse immune suppression and increase patient responsiveness to both immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

In the study, Hemopurifier completely removed the immunosuppressive activity normally found in the ascites fluid (an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity) of ovarian cancer patients. Immunosuppressive activity in ovarian cancer patients is known to correlate with disease progression and long-term survival.

The studies measured the expression of two biological markers required for T-cell activation. Both markers are highly expressed in T-cell lines. When cells were subjected to ovarian cancer ascites fluid, both markers were consistently absent. However, the circulation of the same ascites fluid through the Hemopurifier led to the expression of both biological markers necessary to activate an immune response. Further details of the study will be published in an upcoming report.

“Based on emerging data, we envision the Hemopurifier will become a treatment standard that enhances the benefit of therapies administered to those who suffer from cancer,” said James Joyce, Chairman and CEO of Aethlon Medical. “We have significantly increased our market opportunity as studies validate the application of the Hemopurifier beyond infectious disease.” The annual size of the cancer treatment market exceeds $43 billion.

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  1. we have waited for this a positive and delightfull news for us who is holding on. I am hoping for more good news in the future with goodblessings. a chance that we found the missing links between our immune system and the drug therepy to overcome and eliminate this illness for the welfare of humanity. thank you for your invention.

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