Biomoda Hopes Marketing Will Boost Licensing and Sales

Biomoda, an Albuquerque, NM, maker of cancer diagnostics, announced today that it has hired Synergestic Marketing to help “accelerate licensing development and sales relationships with customers domestically and worldwide,” according to Biomoda’s president, John Cousins. Synergestic’s president, Mark Lutvak, said his firm, which tends to focus on med tech divisions of much larger companies (divisions of Fujitsu, American Airlines and Hitachi are clients), was impressed by Biomoda’s joint work with Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic and Biomoda have agreed to jointly conduct a broad validation study of Biomoda’s patented technology, a non-invasive cytology based lung cancer diagnostic assay. The technology is based on a porphyrin application that preferentially binds to cancerous or aberrant cells extracted from lung sputum samples. Cancerous cells glow red under fluorescent light to allow detection under a microscope. The technology is designed for early stage, affordable cancer screening.

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